DIY Decor

My sister is pregnant and we are in the stages of planning her shower.  I’ve been dying to go all out on decorations, of course using my DIY skills!  Here are some decorations I love, and think would be perfect for any wedding celebration.

diyI love these colorful rosettes.  Step by step directions can be found here.  This would make a nice backdrop for a wedding ceremony, present opening for a shower, or of course hanging decor over the food or desserts.

diy-tassel-garland-12Tissue tassel garland is also beautiful.  Please visit here for instructions.


DIY centerpieceLooks pretty simple, right?  {Source}

What I love best about these ideas is they all seem to require very simple, cheap materials.  What are some of your favorite DIY decorations?  Please share some links!

DIY Wedding

I am totally a DIYer.  I love the feeling of designing, painting, or making something myself.  I put my handy work to use for my own wedding by making programs, addressing envelopes, making and writing out escort cards, assembling welcome baskets for out-of-town guests, creating  kids baskets for their tables, and much more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Here are some ideas to add a little DIY touch to your own wedding and budget:

pomsI made lots of these for my son’s first birthday.  They are so beautiful, so cheap and so easy!  {Source}

glitter shoesWith a little bit of Modge Podge, fine glitter, a paintbrush and newspaper you can dress up your shoes and make them sparkle!  Check it out: {Source}

tasslesLove this tassel garland!  For full step by step instructions visit: {Source}

MonogramCheck this out!  {Source}  For instructions on how to quill, visit: {Source}