Green Wedding Inspiration

I feel green tends to get overlooked as a wedding color, but if toned down and paired with another natural color like brown, I think it can be beautiful.  Here are some ideas (inspired by St. Patrick’s Day of course) to get you thinking green (and spring!)…

green wedding{Source}



green brown{Source}

Spring is just around the corner….REALLY, it is!!

A Hint of Spring – Rejoice!

It’s that time of year where the snow is getting dirty on the remaining snowbanks, the sun is noticeably warmer, the days are creeping longer and longer once more, and the migrating birds are coming back to their spring and summer homes.  Their chorus is coming to life once more as the earth starts to soften and ever so slowly push up those early spring bulbs.  March is only a few days away and I am craving the smell of daffodils.  Here is some inspiration for early spring weddings.  What a beautiful time of year!  Life is renewing.

daffodilsReused jam jars tied with burlap and ribbon.  Fragrant daffodils and slices of lime create a beautiful spring palette.  {Source}

favorA great idea for early spring wedding favors.  {Source}

yellow strawsA bright arrangement of glasses and striped drinking straws greets your guests.  {Source}

hyacinthsHyacinths are also a great flower choice for an early spring wedding.  {Source}

daffodils2More daffodil arrangements.  {Source}

Are you ready for spring yet?