Glamorous Decorations to Hang

One of my favorite things about weddings is that it’s a chance to really decorate the place!  Whether you are having a formal ballroom reception or a rustic chic garden reception there are always ways to dress up the space.  Here are some ideas:

hanging flowersHanging flowers.  {Source}

pretty wallTransform a room with a colorful backdrop.  {Source}

garden weddingPretty, small outdoor wedding space.  {Source}

paper lanterns{Source}

bird cageShabby chic bird cage.  {Source}

threadThis is interesting!  {Source}

escort cardsI like this idea for escort cards.  {Source}

What can you do with Washi Tape?

So along the lines of our DIY theme that will be weaved in and out of our upcoming posts, today I wanted to write about washi tape.  You’ve seen it all over Etsy and there are some super crafty people out there using it to spruce up just about everything!  Here are some ideas:

washi garland{Source}


washi tape on clothes pins{Source}


guest book washi tape{Source}

As you can see, washi tape can be a great way to add pizzazz to something that needs a punch of color and pattern.  From garland to giving plane vases a facelift, to transforming clothes pins and guest books, to adding a special touch to your invitation envelopes, washi tape is a designers friend!

A Cozy Winter Wedding

We have obviously been taking a break from blogging for the past several weeks to enjoy the holidays.  Now that the New Year is here, we are back and ready to gear up for the wedding season!  Happy New Year to all of my readers and those stumbling upon my blog for the first time!

Winter weddings

snowy coupleSource

Early winter days are perfect days to cuddle up under a fuzzy blanket next to the person you love, read a great book and sip some steaming hot chocolate topped with homemade whipped cream.  While so many weddings take place in the spring, summer and early autumn, winter gets looked over very easily.  Yes…cold, sharp winds whip around trees and buildings, snow piles up across the landscape, and all of nature seems like it’s asleep, except that is for the chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, and finches that frequent bird feeders.  When I started searching online for some inspiration though, I realized that winter is the most perfect time of all to get married.  Not only are costs less during these raw months, but love; the very reason for marriage, would be the sole focus.  Sure, there’s always plenty of personal touches to add, but the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of a winter wedding.   A cozy, warm, glowing wedding…fire crackling, hot chocolate steam rising, lots of dancing and warmth in the room…yes, frost may be creeping up the windows outside of the physical space, but the love of man and woman, creating and showing their loving bond; what could be more beautiful?  Here are some ideas to help set the stage:

log escort cardsI just love the rustic look of the escort cards on the stacked wood.  Source

hot cocoaA hot cocoa bar would do just the trick to keep your guests warm and ready to dance.  Source

winter_collage_2I love the idea of a cheese bar too.  Source

birdseed-favours-webgood1Great favors!  Source

Grass, Moss and other ways to add Nature to your Reception

While hand cut flowers are certainly breathtaking, just using greens for centerpieces can be equally stunning and a lot less expensive.  Here are some ways to add a little bit of nature to your reception.

So many different options here…use wheat grass for centerpieces, for a base for escort cards, or a base for favors. [Source]

Grow your own wheat grass in 9 days for only just a few dollars.  [Source]

I love the simplicity of these wheat centerpieces.  Perfect for a fall wedding  [Source]

Use these beautiful moss flower pots for double duty: centerpieces and favors.  [Source]

Apples, moss and simple cut flowers.  [Source]

For many more ways to showcase more mosses, grasses and different natural textures to your wedding, please follow me on my Pinterest page.

Cut Down the Loan, Marry at Home

Why go in debt and have a huge loan to pay off after your wedding?  Have a wedding at home!  Here are some amazing ideas to transform a wedding at home to be spectacular.


Lanterns surrounding a pool.  {Source}


Super cute tablecloths add the perfect touch {Source}


Escort cards hanging in the air.  {Source}


Great tent with colorful simple chairs. {Source}


Simple glass bottles hanging with flowers from the garden.  {Source}


Cute window gate makes a welcome.  {Source}

Signature Drinks

These hot July days are definitely sparking my love for foods and drinks that cool me down!  Here are some pretty cocktails that will surely get your guests doing the worm on the dance floor while keeping them refreshed!


1 oz peach schnapps + 4 oz Champagne + 1 oz grenadine = The Blushing Bride




Don’t forget to dress up your signature drink with cute containers like mason jars or glass bottles and ribbon.



When you are planning your signature drink, pick a color that goes with the rest of your palette.



Incorporate calligraphy either by labeling your signature drink or by using individual glasses as escort cards.



Pick up a drink and find your table with these soda escort cards.



I love this color blue!  Bright colored drinks add curiosity for sure.  Don’t forget to add the decorative straws!


What is your favorite signature drink called and what’s the recipe?