DIY Wedding

I am totally a DIYer.  I love the feeling of designing, painting, or making something myself.  I put my handy work to use for my own wedding by making programs, addressing envelopes, making and writing out escort cards, assembling welcome baskets for out-of-town guests, creating  kids baskets for their tables, and much more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Here are some ideas to add a little DIY touch to your own wedding and budget:

pomsI made lots of these for my son’s first birthday.  They are so beautiful, so cheap and so easy!  {Source}

glitter shoesWith a little bit of Modge Podge, fine glitter, a paintbrush and newspaper you can dress up your shoes and make them sparkle!  Check it out: {Source}

tasslesLove this tassel garland!  For full step by step instructions visit: {Source}

MonogramCheck this out!  {Source}  For instructions on how to quill, visit: {Source}


3 thoughts on “DIY Wedding

  1. THese are to cute for words. I will be following you. I have a wedding that I am trying to plan for November. And I am trying to make all the stuff myself.

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