Congratulations, You’re Engaged! What’s Next? Some Surprise Wedding Venues..

So much excitement comes with becoming engaged, but once the initial burst of elation and congratulations takes its course, the next step can be overwhelming: planning that wedding you’ve dreamed of!  (Yes, even if you’ve dreamed of exactly how you want it since you were a little girl!)

While there is always the typical wedding venue banquet hall, golf course or resort, here are a few unique ideas that will blow your guests away.

seattle-wedding-aquarium-venueImagine this backdrop!  How cool would it be to say your vows with fish meandering in the background?


For those who never want to grow up it’s carnival time!


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (or other museum/art gallery) {Source of photos 1-3}

I went to a wedding at the Magic Gardens that was absolutely stunning!


A cave reception.  Cool or creepy?  {Source}


Why not the zoo?!  {Source}

Here’s a list of some other unique wedding venues that are sure to excite your guests:

  • on top of a ski mountain (take the chairlift up!)
  • in front of a lake
  • in a barn or at a farm
  • at a botanical garden
  • at a museum or art gallery
  • on a boat
  • in a secluded forest
  • at a state or national park
  • at a historical site or battle grounds (too weird?)
  • in a canyon
  • in a restored building
  • at a library for those book lovers
  • at a brewery for beer lovers
  • in an airplane hanger
  • at an amusement park
  • near horse stables
  • in or in front of a lighthouse

Which venue would blow you away the most?  Please do share!

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Green Wedding Inspiration

I feel green tends to get overlooked as a wedding color, but if toned down and paired with another natural color like brown, I think it can be beautiful.  Here are some ideas (inspired by St. Patrick’s Day of course) to get you thinking green (and spring!)…

green wedding{Source}



green brown{Source}

Spring is just around the corner….REALLY, it is!!

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What’s Inspiring Me: A Colorful Home

While this is typically a blog featuring wedding inspiration, today I am shifting to what’s inspiring me lately outside the wedding world.  For anyone who has seen my house, from the outside it’s a typical newish colonial brick house, but once you walk in, BAM! colors abound!  Rooms are painted in vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues, and I’m still trying to find a place for a beautiful eggplant color.  Some guests roll their eyes, but to me, it’s home.  And my patient husband (who may roll his eyes when the latest vibrant paint color goes up) puts up with the colors too!  Here’s a look at some beautiful spaces (spiked with color of course) that inspire me beyond belief.  Is this you too?  Share some color inspiration of your own if you will!

color room{Source}

bedroom color{Source}

color room2{Source}


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My Newest Obsession – Neon Weddings

I recently found a photo on Pinterest of a neon wedding and a light bulb went off.  How awesome is that?  For someone who loves color so much (me), and is constantly looking for colorful wedding inspiration on Pinterest, I was shocked I hadn’t come across any of these photos before.  For all of you color lovers out there, or all you non-traditional brides out there wanting a wow element in your wedding, this post is for you!

neon1Love.  {Source}

neon2Fun.  {Source}

neon3Aren’t you in a better mood after looking at these inspiration boards?  {Source}

Visit me on Pinterest for more color inspiration.


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Monogram Wedding Ideas for the Traditional Bride

It’s been a while since my last post.  Somehow the holiday activity started in early November and continued on until now.  Finally I can take a deep breath and focus my energy on the upcoming wedding season.  Congratulations to all of you newly engaged couples out there!  I hope to hear from you soon.

Are you the go-with-the-flow bride who wants her day filled with color, fun, friends and a relaxed atmosphere?  Or are you the traditional bride who wants a perfect day of beauty surrounded by those you love?  While my blog tends to have an eclectic vibe giving a punch of color, this blog post goes out to all of the traditional brides out there.

Monograms are a classy addition to a traditional wedding.  They give a personal touch that make, well,  kind of a mark of how special you are.  Not to mention monograms themselves can be absolutely beautiful; a perfect compliment for your wedding day.






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What’s Inspiring Me: Colors and Textures

It doesn’t take a lot for me to be wowed by vibrant colors, rich textures, and fun patterns.  Actually (and kind of dorky enough), it kind of brightens my day, literally.  Here’s a look at the colors, patterns, and textures that have been inspiring me lately.  Enjoy!

purple wallThis is one of my absolute favorite walls I’ve seen.  I’ve got to figure out where/how to do this on a wall in my house!  {Source}

moroccoSome gorgeous place in Morocco.  {Source}

SpainPalau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona  {Source}

greeceGreece  {Source}

india pigmentHoli festival, India  {Source}Stephanie's envelopes 001aMy curtains and paint color in my studio.  Makes me happy!

What brightens your day?  Send some pics to me on facebook!

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Art Deco/Gatsby Themed Wedding Inspiration

Who doesn’t love the glimmer of silver and gold used in a 1920s themed Gatsby wedding?  Art Deco came alive after World War I, using bold shapes and lavish colors.  Taking a break from my normal colorful posts, this one focuses on silver and gold.  Here’s some inspiration to incorporate an Art Deco theme.

art deco1{Source}

art deco2{Source}

art deco3{Source}

art deco4{Source}

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