Hungry for Color

Today was a muddy brown day in Upstate New York.  The beautiful crisp white snow was washed away in this weekend’s rain so of course I’m longing for some beautiful color.  Here are some shots to inspired you for the week!





sardinia  {Source} Ahhhhhh….

And here’s a look at a few more new collections in our Etsy Shop:

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Exploding with Color! Some Delicious New Invitations…

Yes, I’ve been hard at work creating some super vibrant invitations suites that you are sure to love!  Lately I have been inspired by Moroccan design, Mexican fiesta decorations, and the Art Deco/ Art Nouveau time period.  You’ll be sure to see how I’ve carried this inspiration through to my designing.  First up, Morocco baby!

Inspired by the patterns and colors of Morocco.

“The Particulars” card.

The entire suite together with response card on top.

More Morocco!

A beautiful blend of blues and intricate Moroccan patterns.

Next up…Art Nouveau and Mexican themed invitations!  Stay tuned!