A Hint of Spring – Rejoice!

It’s that time of year where the snow is getting dirty on the remaining snowbanks, the sun is noticeably warmer, the days are creeping longer and longer once more, and the migrating birds are coming back to their spring and summer homes.  Their chorus is coming to life once more as the earth starts to soften and ever so slowly push up those early spring bulbs.  March is only a few days away and I am craving the smell of daffodils.  Here is some inspiration for early spring weddings.  What a beautiful time of year!  Life is renewing.

daffodilsReused jam jars tied with burlap and ribbon.  Fragrant daffodils and slices of lime create a beautiful spring palette.  {Source}

favorA great idea for early spring wedding favors.  {Source}

yellow strawsA bright arrangement of glasses and striped drinking straws greets your guests.  {Source}

hyacinthsHyacinths are also a great flower choice for an early spring wedding.  {Source}

daffodils2More daffodil arrangements.  {Source}

Are you ready for spring yet?

Alex’s and Jeremy’s Letterpress Invitations are Here!

Several months ago now, I had an invitation giveaway to launch my wedding invitation business.  I’ve been doing calligraphy for some time now and wanted a new challenge.  In return for my giveaway, Alex worked hard to help me with branding Whoa Nellie Press.  Being a graphic designer herself, Alex has given me plenty of tips, including help with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  We designed her letterpress invitations suite together, with help from her friend, and illustrator Brooke, and created some pretty darn smashing invitations!  Although we are still working on the response card (as her taste test date is in November) and details card, I couldn’t help but share what’s been printed so far.  What do you think?

While I’m glowing with excitement and in design mode, I’d also love to hear any inspiration ideas for future invitations.  Please share your ideas!  In addition, take a look at our shop, with several wedding invitation suites newly added ranging from bold and colorful, to vintage, to rustic.  I’m so excited to hear your feedback!

This is what’s been printed so far – invitation and response envelope.  The response card and “The Particulars” card is yet to come.  Alex decided to go with the vibrant purple outer envelopes and a mix of fun calligraphy in my Skinny Lucy font.

A close up of the beautiful floral illustration Brooke did to complete the invitation.  I love this style for an outdoor wedding.

Another shot.  To make these invitations I worked on the calligraphy first, scanned the words into Illustrator and then manipulated them from there.

The joining of names using a heart on the response card was Alex’s idea.  So cute!

I am totally beaming with excitement as I proudly show off Alex’s wedding invitations.  We’ve gone back and forth on formatting and I’m just thrilled with the end result.  This invitations suite is for sale on my etsy shop.