Some Other New Additions to our Shop

My focus the last month or so has been to get more wedding invitations and Christmas cards up on my shop.  Here’s a look at some other new invitation additions to Whoa Nellie Press:

This collection is all hand drawn then scanned into the computer and manipulated in Illustrator.  Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding.

This collection features a Montgolfiers-style hot air balloon and definitely has a vintage vibe.  Perfect for a destination or travel-themed wedding.

Are you in love with color like I am?  Then this invitations suite is perfect!

For more, visit our etsy shop!

Alex’s and Jeremy’s Letterpress Invitations are Here!

Several months ago now, I had an invitation giveaway to launch my wedding invitation business.  I’ve been doing calligraphy for some time now and wanted a new challenge.  In return for my giveaway, Alex worked hard to help me with branding Whoa Nellie Press.  Being a graphic designer herself, Alex has given me plenty of tips, including help with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  We designed her letterpress invitations suite together, with help from her friend, and illustrator Brooke, and created some pretty darn smashing invitations!  Although we are still working on the response card (as her taste test date is in November) and details card, I couldn’t help but share what’s been printed so far.  What do you think?

While I’m glowing with excitement and in design mode, I’d also love to hear any inspiration ideas for future invitations.  Please share your ideas!  In addition, take a look at our shop, with several wedding invitation suites newly added ranging from bold and colorful, to vintage, to rustic.  I’m so excited to hear your feedback!

This is what’s been printed so far – invitation and response envelope.  The response card and “The Particulars” card is yet to come.  Alex decided to go with the vibrant purple outer envelopes and a mix of fun calligraphy in my Skinny Lucy font.

A close up of the beautiful floral illustration Brooke did to complete the invitation.  I love this style for an outdoor wedding.

Another shot.  To make these invitations I worked on the calligraphy first, scanned the words into Illustrator and then manipulated them from there.

The joining of names using a heart on the response card was Alex’s idea.  So cute!

I am totally beaming with excitement as I proudly show off Alex’s wedding invitations.  We’ve gone back and forth on formatting and I’m just thrilled with the end result.  This invitations suite is for sale on my etsy shop.

A Unique City Garden Wedding in Philly

This past weekend my husband and I, along with our good friends, traveled down to Philadelphia to what was the most unique wedding venue I’ve ever seen.  My husband’s good high school friend married owner of Giant Dwarf, also on Etsy, in “The Magic Gardens” in Philadelphia, and we were so honored to share their special day.  While it’s no secret that I love color, this venue was of particular interest to me as it was brimming with color, unique art, and most importantly a spirit of excitement and hope for the newlyweds.  Take a look at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.  Have you ever seen anything like it?

Walls covered in mosaics made out of any ceramic, glass and porcelain materials possible.

Here’s a shot of the reception area.  Notice the amazing walls in the background featuring glass bottles of all shades of color.

While everyone was taking their seat, I just had to explore the mosaic labyrinth adjacent to the seating area.  Heading downstairs into a secret hidden area.

Down below, I felt like I was in a great pyramid with inspirational messages hidden in the beautiful artwork.

John and I having a great time, donning Giant Dwarf’s beautiful star pin favors.  Thanks for a great time Nate and Sue!


Cut Down the Loan, Marry at Home

Why go in debt and have a huge loan to pay off after your wedding?  Have a wedding at home!  Here are some amazing ideas to transform a wedding at home to be spectacular.


Lanterns surrounding a pool.  {Source}


Super cute tablecloths add the perfect touch {Source}


Escort cards hanging in the air.  {Source}


Great tent with colorful simple chairs. {Source}


Simple glass bottles hanging with flowers from the garden.  {Source}


Cute window gate makes a welcome.  {Source}