Everyone has a story! Thanks for checking out mine!

Formerly a 5th grade teacher, after having my son I opened up shop on Etsy and fell in love with the art of calligraphy, invitations, and most recently bold colored folk art that I realized, yes! I can create!

My mission in running my shop has changed dramatically since it’s founding days. My son, 8, who is really a loving and kind spirit, has had his body hijacked with rage so severe we often have to restrain him daily, sometimes several times a day. We have undergone years of different treatments (with some we have seen improvement for a while, but not permanent results) and are currently trying (very) alternative modalities, which we are starting to see success. Right now we are “peeling the layers of an onion” trying to get to the route cause. I am convinced that every person, especially child, who is acting out in rage or any other behavior problem is really trying to scream “help me!” There is an underlying reason and my mission is to find the route cause(s) for why his body is reacting in these disturbing ways. I’m going to find the answer and help him live a normal life!

With years of searching for answers I have come across such loving spirits who have made a difference in our journey. The paintings on my shop are all made for those who have helped us along the way. Family, friends, teachers, therapists, others who have gone out of their way to understand and to love. My goal is to paint at least 100 paintings to say at least 100 thank yous to those special people who haven’t given up on us even in the worst of situations.

My invitations and paintings are an escape for me, a way for me to spread joy on a blank canvas in hopes that it they will bring smiles to others. Creating and working with bold colors and patterns are my medicine, and also make me think of the person my son really is inside: a joyful person ready to spread his wings and make a difference.

I hope these paintings and invitations will bring a smile to your face, bring joy to your life, and help the gratitude I feel for all of our support travel around the world. They were painted with thankfulness and love, so spread it around baby! Make it a great day and a great life! Do something fantastic with yours! The Law of Karma is real.

Whoa Nellie Press is a calligraphy and design studio in Upstate New York , who has a passion for color, lettering, paper, packaging and all things beautiful.  We love incorporating handwritten calligraphy into invitations to make every one of our designs unique and tailored to our clients.  We are pleased to offer letterpress and digital printing to fit every budget.

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