Obsessed with Sardinia!

Okay, so have you seen those mysterious pictures of boats on Pinterest that look like they are just hovering over turquoise water?  Sardinia, an Italian island.  I need to go!  Some of my latest invitation creations have a Mediterranean feel as an expression of my urge to visit this amazing little island.  Here are 10 ideas to help your obsession grow too!  Ha!


Inspiration board
Can you see why I am obsessed?  An island of color, beautiful turquoise waters, and cute little three wheel cars! [Source] [Source] [Source]

The way the blue and yellow contrast here makes me want to get up and dance.  [Source]

Don’t you just love this little vehicle?  Perfect getaway car!  [[Source]]
Mediterranean Lemon Collection

Tiles Collection
These are some of my invitations inspired by Sardinia and the Mediterranean.  [Source] [Source]

Cute little favors double as décor.  [Source]



Blue Turkish Collection


This is so freaking cute!  And don’t forget about the gelato in Italy?  You’ll never want to leave!  [Source]

Did I talk you into it?  Pretty hard to resist the striking landscape, tapestry of colors, and sunshine.  Take me there!

Sardinia turquoise
[Source] [Source] [Source] [Source]

My Newest Obsession – Neon Weddings

I recently found a photo on Pinterest of a neon wedding and a light bulb went off.  How awesome is that?  For someone who loves color so much (me), and is constantly looking for colorful wedding inspiration on Pinterest, I was shocked I hadn’t come across any of these photos before.  For all of you color lovers out there, or all you non-traditional brides out there wanting a wow element in your wedding, this post is for you!

neon1Love.  {Source}

neon2Fun.  {Source}

neon3Aren’t you in a better mood after looking at these inspiration boards?  {Source}

Visit me on Pinterest for more color inspiration.


Monogram Wedding Ideas for the Traditional Bride

It’s been a while since my last post.  Somehow the holiday activity started in early November and continued on until now.  Finally I can take a deep breath and focus my energy on the upcoming wedding season.  Congratulations to all of you newly engaged couples out there!  I hope to hear from you soon.

Are you the go-with-the-flow bride who wants her day filled with color, fun, friends and a relaxed atmosphere?  Or are you the traditional bride who wants a perfect day of beauty surrounded by those you love?  While my blog tends to have an eclectic vibe giving a punch of color, this blog post goes out to all of the traditional brides out there.

Monograms are a classy addition to a traditional wedding.  They give a personal touch that make, well,  kind of a mark of how special you are.  Not to mention monograms themselves can be absolutely beautiful; a perfect compliment for your wedding day.






A Wedding with Man’s Best Friend

This post is for all you dog lovers out there.  Since my grandmother’s recent passing some days have been hard to get through.  While my family has helped me through this rough patch, there is certainly something to be said for the comfort that a family dog gives during sad times (in my case my golden retriever, Bailey).  No matter what kind of day you’ve had, any dog owner knows that there’s always a furry friend there to greet you at the door and cheer you up.  For all of those super dog lovers out there, why not invite your pooch to your big day too?


flowergirlPretty hysterical when the flower girl gets taken out by the pooch ring bearer!  {Source}

Bulldog is the star.{Source}



These photos definitely bring a giant smile to my face!  Thank you to all the pooches out there who constantly exude happiness and are there to celebrate our ups and downs.

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All Apples

There’s nothing quite like walking down rows and rows of pristine apple trees in the crisp autumn air at the local orchard.  This post is inspired by our recent visit to the orchard, which is definitely one of my favorite joys about this time of year!  (Not to mention the cider donuts which are a must!)apples1I love the idea of having candy apples at a wedding.  {Source}

apples2This picture is too cute!  {Source}

apples3And of course you can’t forget the pie!!  {Source}

Bridal Shower Inspiration

With my sister’s and my best friend’s baby shower both in the next two weekends I have been thinking about nothing but showers!  While a baby shower can obviously have a different twist, bridal showers and baby showers are equally fun to plan.  Here’s a look at some ideas to incorporate if you’re planning a shower.

balloonsBalloons galore!  I love how the room is saturated with balloons of different heights.  {Source}

table with windowsEmpty frames and windows can be an adorable backdrop.  {Source}

chalkboard welcomeBeing a school teacher and a calligrapher, you know I have a thing for beautiful writing on chalkboards!  {Source}

cupcakesThis is such a fun idea for a garden themed wedding.  {Source}

DIY Decor

My sister is pregnant and we are in the stages of planning her shower.  I’ve been dying to go all out on decorations, of course using my DIY skills!  Here are some decorations I love, and think would be perfect for any wedding celebration.

diyI love these colorful rosettes.  Step by step directions can be found here.  This would make a nice backdrop for a wedding ceremony, present opening for a shower, or of course hanging decor over the food or desserts.

diy-tassel-garland-12Tissue tassel garland is also beautiful.  Please visit here for instructions.


DIY centerpieceLooks pretty simple, right?  {Source}

What I love best about these ideas is they all seem to require very simple, cheap materials.  What are some of your favorite DIY decorations?  Please share some links!