All Apples

There’s nothing quite like walking down rows and rows of pristine apple trees in the crisp autumn air at the local orchard.  This post is inspired by our recent visit to the orchard, which is definitely one of my favorite joys about this time of year!  (Not to mention the cider donuts which are a must!)apples1I love the idea of having candy apples at a wedding.  {Source}

apples2This picture is too cute!  {Source}

apples3And of course you can’t forget the pie!!  {Source}

Fall Wedding Inspiration

While spring and summer weddings seem to have more “pomp and circumstance” with all of the vivid colors, lush bouquets, elaborate outdoor settings, autumn weddings have a different style in my eyes.  I picture a more organic scene, with simple colors, natural elements, and for some reason seem to have a purer focus on love itself.  Here are a few fall photos I’ve gathered that encapsulate the autumn wedding I picture.


When I look at this photo I think of pure love.  An adorable youngster, perhaps doubling as ring bearer, holding up a “Here Comes Your Girl” sign.  So cute!  [Source]


Simple white pumpkins with engraved initials add a perfect organic decoration.  [Source]


Fall inspiration.  [Source]


Lovely photograph of the newlyweds.  I just adore how the couple is nestled under the arched tree.  Just beautiful.  [Source]


Adorable farm wedding.  [Source]

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