Congratulations, You’re Engaged! What’s Next? Some Surprise Wedding Venues..

So much excitement comes with becoming engaged, but once the initial burst of elation and congratulations takes its course, the next step can be overwhelming: planning that wedding you’ve dreamed of!  (Yes, even if you’ve dreamed of exactly how you want it since you were a little girl!)

While there is always the typical wedding venue banquet hall, golf course or resort, here are a few unique ideas that will blow your guests away.

seattle-wedding-aquarium-venueImagine this backdrop!  How cool would it be to say your vows with fish meandering in the background?


For those who never want to grow up it’s carnival time!


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (or other museum/art gallery) {Source of photos 1-3}

I went to a wedding at the Magic Gardens that was absolutely stunning!


A cave reception.  Cool or creepy?  {Source}


Why not the zoo?!  {Source}

Here’s a list of some other unique wedding venues that are sure to excite your guests:

  • on top of a ski mountain (take the chairlift up!)
  • in front of a lake
  • in a barn or at a farm
  • at a botanical garden
  • at a museum or art gallery
  • on a boat
  • in a secluded forest
  • at a state or national park
  • at a historical site or battle grounds (too weird?)
  • in a canyon
  • in a restored building
  • at a library for those book lovers
  • at a brewery for beer lovers
  • in an airplane hanger
  • at an amusement park
  • near horse stables
  • in or in front of a lighthouse

Which venue would blow you away the most?  Please do share!