Beautiful Beverage Displays

I’m not quite sure how four months have past since my last blog post.  All I can say is being a stay at home mom is sure not an easy job!

It’s a hot summer day here and today I’m inspired by colorful drink displays.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites in hopes to feel cooler!

drinksA lovely display of pink soda and Evian water bottles.  {Source}

beverage displayI love the colorful drinks here!  {Source}

vintage sodaVintage soda bottles add a great pop of color.  {Source}

glass for nightWhat a great idea to reuse your glass at a casual/rustic wedding.  Love the sign!  {Source}

Sasha's drink menuA client of mine, Sasha, had me create a signature drink menu labeled “Our Favorites”.

Even if you’re having an open bar, there are plenty of ways to incorporate beautiful beverage stations.  How many of you out there drink exclusively from the signature drinks menu?



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