A Look at Bridesmaids Dresses

While I loved my bridesmaid dresses at the time, I look back and wish I would have done a little more searching for dresses my girls could have really used over again.  I think there are two ways to accomplish this: 1. the color has to be neutral enough and 2. the style of it has to be one that does not scream “I am a bridesmaid dress”.  I’ve been to many weddings since mine where the bride has accomplished this with no problem.  While it’s definitely a nice clean look when all of the maids have the same exact dress, I also like when each has her own shade and texture dress that looks best on her.  Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm this task:

maids1I love the different colors and textures here.  I’m thinking this style might be a great pick for a rustic, outdoorsy wedding.  {Source}

maids2This taffeta rose colored dress if just adorable.  A-line dresses always look good and this color is neutral enough to not scream bridesmaid dress, while having a little color to add interest.  {Source}

maids3This J. Crew dress is so cute for wearing out, but can easily also double for a bridesmaid dress.  {Source}

maids4This is adorable!  Polka dots might be a little brave, but I just love this dress!  Very vintage feeling.  {Source}

maids5So this dress isn’t neutral, but everyone needs a red dress in their closet!  This dress is maid by Kimera Design, which is a wonderful designer to work with.  She does all custom work and her results are beautiful!

I’m now realizing that all of the dresses I picked are cocktail length.  I’ll work on another post in the near future for floor length dresses.  Until then!

xo, Nellie


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