Wedding Programs Galore!

There are countless ways to make a beautiful program, and many of them you can do yourself with a little time and patience.  Here are some designs that caught my eye:

program 1This is a simple enough assembled program, but what I love about this one is the beautiful hand drawing on the front.  {Source: Ruffles & Tweed}

program 3These look like alternating colored bags closed with fun clothes pins.  While these could be used for favors, having programs in little baggies is a fun idea too.  I love the pop of color and simple design.  {Source}

Program 2I love the flag on top and the stick.  Interesting combination.  {Source}

program 4Program fans are perfect for a beach wedding, or for any summer wedding for that matter.  {Source}

program 5I thought this was really cute to include a tissue inside the program.  {Source}

program 6Adding confetti right into the program is a great idea.  {Source}

For a ton more program ideas, visit my program board on Pinterest.


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