Marshmallow Wonderland

One of my readers has asked me to help her with a Winter Wonderland wedding with a lot of DIY ideas.  When I started to look into this my mind started to overflow with ideas.  For the next few weeks I’ll include some posts on DIY winter weddings, mixed in with some other themed posts as well.  We barely had a winter in the Northeast last year and since we have a generous covering of snow on the ground, I’ve been making the most of it with my son.  Since we’ve been outside in the cold quite a bit, I’ve become addicted to hot chocolate, which made me think of marshmallows.  Today’s post features all kinds of ways to include marshmallows at your wedding, and of course, many of which can be made yourself!

marshmallow decorHanging marshmallows from the ceiling could be a really cool and cheap way to transform a room to a delicate winter scene.  {Source}

marshmallows2While this marshmallow garland was clearly used to decorate for Christmas, it could easily be used for a wedding.  First let the marshmallows harden a bit, tie them together using a little dab of hot glue from a glue gun at the bottom of the marshmallow for support. Be careful not to use too much clue as it will melt the marshmallow.  {Source}

Hot Chocolate Collage 9Make marshmallows of all different kinds for a hot chocolate bar, or give a bag of homemade marshmallows for favors.  {Source}

food-peppermint-marshmallowsThese candy cane coated marshmallows can easily double as decorations and/or favors.  They are gorgeous!  {Source}

marshmallow collageFor recipes for homemade marshmallows, visit the {source}

hot chocolate yumAnd of course, some yummy hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows to finish it off.  That sounds great right now!  {Source}


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