Art Nouveau and Mexican Themed Invitations Packed with Color

So as I’ve mentioned I’ve totally been on a design kick lately and my favorite thing to do is pack as much color into the design as possible!  Here’s a look at my Art Nouveau and Mexican Fiesta collections.  While I’m certainly not a flapper nor an Art Nouveau/Art Deco buff I’ve learned that the main difference between the two is Art Nouveau features more “flowery” designs and can include repeating geometric patterns, arches and focuses on more natural forms (like insects and weeds), that might otherwise be overlooked.  Think of Tiffany windows and the Eiffel tower’s arches when thinking of Art Nouveau.  Art Deco is more streamline, like the Chrysler Building, featuring geometric shapes, zigzags and curves.  Still confused?  Here’s what I’m calling Art Nouveau.  Do you agree?

I’m thinking the repeating curvy shell pattern classifies this invitation suite as Art Nouveau.  Any experts out there want to confirm this?

And onto my Mexican Cinco de Mayo invitation set.

Fun! Fun! Fun!  These don’t have to be for just a Cinco de Mayo wedding.  They could be used for Day of the Dead, or any colorful celebration!


About Nellie Barker

In love with being a mom, having a great family, designing invitations and calligraphy.
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2 Responses to Art Nouveau and Mexican Themed Invitations Packed with Color

  1. Brenda Vazquez says:

    I’m interested on this invitations .. Would like to know the price and where could I Order

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