Silhouette Wedding Ideas

Silhouettes are so simple, cute and timeless.  I remember making a Mother’s Day gift in third grade in school of a silhouette of myself, and since each of my sisters had the same third grade teacher, my mother ended up with matching silhouettes from her three girls.  What a cute idea to incorporate silhouettes into your wedding.  Here are some ideas:

Perfect for a save the date, invitation, or even a stamp made on  [Source]

It would be a great idea to have a silhouette display of close family members on your wedding day and to add a little fun, have your guests guess who is who.  Include game cards for your guests with labeled silhouettes (A, B, C, and so on).  [Source]

A great silhouette inspiration board of buttons, postcards, cookies, programs and more.  [Source]

To add a little energy to your reception or rehearsal dinner, here’s a beanbag toss idea.  [Source]

Adorable welcoming sign.  [Source]

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