Early Morning Inspiration

My morning routine starts like this: once I hear my two and a half year old son waking up, or hopefully before I even hear him, I sneak into my studio to check email for a few minutes and look for some daily inspiration to make it a great day.  I then sneak into his room with a gigantic smile and proceed to give him a warm welcoming hug.  Today, I looked out my window and noticed my inspiration was gleaming out my window right in front of me.  The meadows and hilltops were gleaming with excitement from a full day and night of pouring rain.  If only just for a moment until the sun slipped above the clouds, it was like a message, saying, today is your day…make it a great one.  Those tiny moments are there all around us; we just have to notice them.

Today’s inspiration, right here in front of me.  No photoshopping necessary!


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