Our First Christmas Cards are Available!

I just got back from another week on Cape Cod, this time with my family.  I was able to completely relax and take in the ocean’s salty air, warm myself on the glowing golden sand and walk hand in hand with the two year old of mine who I couldn’t possibly love any more.  When I arrived back at home last night, there was a box waiting for me of Christmas cards I had designed before I left.  I wanted to share our first cards, available on our Etsy Shop.

I love happy Christmas cards that get you in the holiday spirit.  This one does the trick by repeating “Merry” over and over with different fonts, along with beautiful red and green snowflakes.  Perfect for the traditional, cheerful Christmas card.

While Christmas is certainly filled with traditions, there is plenty of room for a good laugh.  One thing that always makes me laugh about Christmas is how my husband (and every other man in our family for that matter) thinks he is the total master at wrapping presents, even though he is pitiful at it.  I wanted to make a Christmas card that gets my readers in that laughing spirit.

Of course, if Santa knew you were good this year, poor Santa wouldn’t make it to hand out all of his gifts!

I know it’s only mid September, but since summer is unofficially over, thinking about Christmas (even if it’s early) helps me get through this time of year.  Please share some of your funny Christmas memories, that can maybe even inspire a new Christmas card. 🙂

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