Fall Wedding Inspiration

While spring and summer weddings seem to have more “pomp and circumstance” with all of the vivid colors, lush bouquets, elaborate outdoor settings, autumn weddings have a different style in my eyes.  I picture a more organic scene, with simple colors, natural elements, and for some reason seem to have a purer focus on love itself.  Here are a few fall photos I’ve gathered that encapsulate the autumn wedding I picture.


When I look at this photo I think of pure love.  An adorable youngster, perhaps doubling as ring bearer, holding up a “Here Comes Your Girl” sign.  So cute!  [Source]


Simple white pumpkins with engraved initials add a perfect organic decoration.  [Source]


Fall inspiration.  [Source]


Lovely photograph of the newlyweds.  I just adore how the couple is nestled under the arched tree.  Just beautiful.  [Source]


Adorable farm wedding.  [Source]

Please visit my fall weddings page on pinterest for more inspiration: http://pinterest.com/whoanelliepress/fall-weddings/

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