An Apple a Day

With Labor Day coming up and the unofficial start to fall just around the corner, my heart sinks as the carefree days of summer fly by and near their end.  Boo hoo 😦  I keep on reminding myself there are beautiful things in fall (of course), and I really need to focus on those – like apple picking, the beautiful foliage that we are treated to in Upstate New York, cider donuts, (which are totally irresistible), and those crisp warm days with low humidity.  Although they all foreshadow what’s to come next (cold snowy days – which I happen to love, short days with little light – not a huge fan and being able to hit the slopes), this year I’m hoping to embrace autumn, instead of dreading the change in season.  Apples can be a beautiful symbol of love so I wanted to show how these delicious, crunchy and juicy fruits can be incorporated in your wedding.


Favors, of course!  Who wouldn’t want to bite into a mouthwatering caramel or candy apple?  [Source]


Last year I did the calligraphy on these green apple escort cards for Kate.  The green, blue and pink contrast is striking.  [Source]


You must know someone with a crab apple tree in their backyard!  Here’s great DIY project for anyone needing lots of centerpieces for practically no money.  Grab some wooden baskets, or a tall cylinder glass at a craft store and fill with crab apples.  What a great idea!  [Source]


And of course having your wedding at an orchard would be spectacular!  [Source]


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