Beautiful Favors to give your Guests

Of course you want to let your guests know just how appreciative you are to have them present on your special day, but what are some cost-effective ways to do this?  Here are some options:

Having a wedding during berry season?  How about going berry picking before hand (or better yet, spend a day with your bridesmaids doing this before your wedding).  Many hands make light work.



Having a vintage-style wedding?  Pass along advice with these hand stamped spreaders.  (Well maybe this isn’t the cheapest option, but still adorable!)



Love to bake?  Try cupcakes in a jar.  Get bulk jars at:



Have a green thumb?  Start by planting herb seeds early in the season so plants are well established by your wedding day.  To add a special touch, select herbs with a symbolic meaning and include a tag to explain.



Have some other ideas?  We’d love to hear from you!


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