Happy Anniversary to my Dear Husband

I can’t believe it, but 8 years have already gone by since I married my husband and best friend.  July 31, 2004.  Thanks for another year of laughs, family memories and for your abundance of patience while I continue to grow my paper and calligraphy business.  Gifts for the 8th anniversary are supposed to be made of either pottery or bronze [if you’re looking at the traditional list], or lace/linen for the modern list.  I’ve chosen to write today’s blog about incorporating lace into your wedding.  Happy Anniversary John!  I love you!


Lace wedding cake.  Simple. Beautiful.  [Source]


Add a touch of lace at your sign in table to welcome guests. [Source]


Use lace to hang your escort cards to add a vintage feel.  [Source]


A client of mine, Nicole, designed her own letterpress wedding invitations incorporating lace.  I did the calligraphy and she did the designing.  I love how the writing matches the cobalt color of the envelopes.  Love these Nicole!  [Source]


Lace buntings – so cute!  [Source]



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