After you say “I Do”, Relax at this Beautiful Destination

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a week on vacation so I thought I would leave some honeymoon inspiration.  My husband and I went to Hawaii (Maui and Kauai), which was the perfect honeymoon destination for us – pristine beaches, great snorkeling, hiking trails, sunrises to see on top of a volcano, and so much more to do.  We loved it so much that we went back for my mom’s 50th birthday celebration as one big family.  Since then I’ve discovered more destinations that I put on my “Places to Go” list, including top on the list, Bora Bora.   A plane ticket from New York is only a mere $5000 each (haha), so this trip will definitely have to be for a big celebration.  Maybe our 25th anniversary?  Here are some inspirational photos that will make this destination rank right up there on your “Places to Go” list too!


Can you imagine staying in one of these tiki huts right on top of the water? {Source}


A luxury hotel room over a crystal clear blue lagoon?  Yes please! {Source}




Really?  Sitting and eating lunch in the warm waters of French Polynesia?  Amazing!  {Source}


Snorkeling or scuba diving with tropical fish…a must do!  {Source}


Have I convinced you this must be the most beautiful place on earth?  {Source}

Where would you rather be?  And by the way, no I am not going to Bora Bora on my vacation, but beautiful Cape Cod.  See you next week!


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