Will New Sunscreen Rules Keep you from Having an Outdoor Wedding?

Definitely not!  We’ve got tents, tents, and more tents to cover you up.  No sunscreen needed (at least for the reception).


This is just as beautiful as it gets in my eyes!  White paper lanterns to create ambiance, a nice big dance floor in the center, perfect pastel floral arrangements, even the square tables are a nice touch.  {Source}


More of a DIY style, but super cute.  Visit {Source} for steps to make these homemade buntings.


Yeah, I would take this backdrop and setting any day!  Beach wedding with stunning turquoise waters?  Yes please!  No fancy shmancy tent needed here.  {Source}


This tent is definitely not your average tent!  It’s packed with color, yet the silky fabric ceiling provides a soothing airy feel at the same time.  Maybe to tone this down, a more natural floor could be used.  {Source}


What type of seating do you prefer at a reception.  I love the look of long tables.  Is it difficult to seat guests that way?  The colors used here are gorgeous and the mixture of fresh cut flowers and lanterns will be perfect through day into night. {Source}


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